La Crau Ouest

High above the Rhone, it is probably one of the proudest terroirs of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Exposed to the north, it creates straightforward, generous and complex wines. Deeply rooted in the soils of the Miocene, made of “safres” and sand, the eighty-year-old Grenache vines thrive accompanied by some traditional grape varieties from Châteuneuf-du-Pape. Large amplitudes between day and night temperatures mark the grapes with a fine and precise tannin structure. A terroir in which the biodynamic preparation 500 is of particular importance. The horn dung preparation revitalizes both soil flora and microbiological life and thereby preserves organic matter in these sandy and particularly heavily drained soils. Challenged by ageing in jars, the wines develop much tension and finesse, up to a burgundy-like character. Of astonishing energy, the wines of La Crau Ouest have always contributed to the reputation of Rhône wines by their longevity and their unique style.

Origin : Very qualitative sandy soil of La Crau Ouest.

Varieties : 100% Grenache, 80 years old vines.

Vinification : Hand picked with a very selective sorting, short and soft maceration. Soft punchingdown.

Ageing : In terracotta jars during 18 months to enhance fruit, minerality and authenticity of both terroir and grape variety.

Terroir : In depth, significantly more reddish brown soil and substantially more clayey, hardly calcareous. Many earthworm tunnels, down to 90cm (35 inches) deep underground.

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